A Winter BBQ

A Winter BBQ

On the last weekend of November, I had the pleasure of attending something which I think everyone should do at least once every year:

                                              A Winter BBQ.

Putting our backs to wind, and showing Mother Nature that we can (and will) cook outside despite the cold of winter starting to settle in, my delightful neighbours put on a fabulous spread which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

A Winter BBQ (2)

Being vegetarians, the idea of them holding a BBQ party could have been a disaster, as what do you typically get at a barbecue? You guessed it; meat, meat and more meat! But not at this lavish affair, oh no. My two neighbours just so happen to be fabulous cooks, and as this was quite a big event, we all chipped in a bit and brought something to add to the table. Or tables in our case.

A Winter BBQ (12)

A Winter BBQ (14)

There was a gorgeous fish curry which was possibly the best I have ever tasted (I must get the recipe from them, it was divine), pearl white jasmine rice with caramelised sunflower and fennel seeds (again, I shall be asking for this recipe!), vegetarian and pork sausages, a mouth-watering aubergine bake…

A Winter BBQ (11)

BBQ corn-on-the-cob, mixed salads, carrot and courgette muffins, triple-cheese scones, bite size cupcakes topped with buttercream and a salted caramel sauce…

A Winter BBQ (27)

Mini olive and Parmigiano-Reggiano scones filled with garlic and herb cream cheese, a platter of fine cheeses and crackers, pretzels, fruit, and not to forget the most important addition to any party – wine. Lots and lots of wine.

A Winter BBQ (6)

Oh what a day it was! And luckily for our chefs outside, it was actually quite a warm day for the end of November. And not a drop of rain! Can you believe it, no rain in November!

Throughout the day, we all got rather merry and enjoyed a good lot of banter and laughter. As well as an awful lot of wine, but I shan’t go into that…

A Winter BBQ (18)

By the end of the day, or evening I should say by this point, it was safe to say that my neighbour’s idea of having a Winter BBQ was one of the best I have heard for a long time.

In true British spirit, everyone carried on regardless of the cold weather, enjoying the fabulous food cooked on the barbie, an array of fine wines and laddish beer, and of course all the good company.

A Winter BBQ (1)

So, the next time you are stuck for an idea of what kind of foodie party to hold when winter starts to bear its teeth, why not opt for a winter BBQ?

It’s an awful lot of fun and totally different to anything else your guests will have ever been to. Plus it’s a good excuse to dust of the old barbecue after it has been tucked up safe and sound for the winter; everyone loves a BBQ after all!

Stay warm this winter, The Country Kitchen x


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