Our Products

The Country Kitchen offers a huge range of delicious products and flavours to choose from, as well as ‘Gluten Free’ options when requested. No matter what your taste buds are craving, The Country Kitchen guarantees high quality, delicious treats every time!

We specialise in making treat-time as healthy as we can, using only fresh and natural ingredients that are sourced from our local community and suppliers as much as possible. We don’t like using lots of sugar or imitation flavours, so we don’t. Simple really! Besides, who says ‘treats’ have to be bad for us?

Want a sneak peak at our yummy products? Take a look through our gallery and visit our testimonials page to hear from our happy customers.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Get in touch and The Country Kitchen would be delighted to discuss further options, for something truly personal to you.



See our huge range of cake flavours and styles, or design-your-own! No matter what you like best, we know we can make something truly special and unique to you.

Yummy Brownies

Rich chocolate brownies made with raw cocoa for an even more intense flavour and experience, our brownies come in all kinds of unique flavours. Simply scrummy!

Simply Sliced

Customise your own delicious bars and slices or choose from our ever popular menu. These are the perfect snacks for when you need a little pick-me-up.


Fabulously filling and perfectly formed, our muffin selection includes only the best flavours around, all made with our own reduced sugar and low-fat recipes.

Sugar-Free Muffins

One recipe, endless options: these all natural muffins are egg, flour and sugar-free and sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, without the added nonsense.


Wonderfully light and moist, these mini-cakes are little bites of pure satisfaction! Swirls of icing and individual decorations mean each cupcake is one of a kind.

The Biscuit Tin

Fill up your cookie jar with our delicious biscuits and cookies, a little treat for any occasion.