Fabulous Fruitcakes


Farmhouse Fruitcake
Bursting with succulent sultanas, juicy raisins, and a mix of lemon and orange peel, The Country Kitchen follows a trusted family recipe which is sure to turn even the fussiest of cake eaters into fruitcake lovers.

Carrot Cake
A dairy-free ‘all veggie’ cake, made with grated carrots and a blend of spices, we have had this cake rated as better than the full-fat versions you find in most coffee shops! Marvellous with our Mascarpone icing or Cream Cheese frosting and topped with pecans, this fabulous cake is a real show off.

Tea-Stained Fruit Loaf
Perfect for afternoon tea, this subtly flavoured loaf is speckled with your choice of either currents or raisins and sultanas, which have been soaked overnight in a special blend of black tea and spices. Try a slice toasted with a little butter for an extra special breakfast treat.

Please contact us should you have any requirements, or simply want to know more about what goes into our fabulously fruity cakes.