Mixed Flavour, Fruit and Nut Cakes


Coffee Fudge Cake*
Homemade caramel fudge icing sandwiched between layers of rich coffee and walnut cake, topped with jumbo English Walnuts. Made with fairtrade Columbian coffee and raw cane sugar, this stunning cake is perfect as a morning treat or with afternoon coffee.

Lemon and Poppy Seed
Based on one of our all-time favourites, the iconic Lemon Drizzle, we decided to give it a little boost and throw in some colour at the same time. Zesty lemon and the slightly nutty aroma of poppy comes through beautifully in this light and moist sponge, drizzled with a light coating of lemon icing and sprinkled with toasted poppy seeds.

Canadian Maple and Pecan*
Three layers of light, golden sponge flavoured with organic maple syrup from Canada, hand-crushed pecans and a hint of ginger, filled and covered with a delicate maple buttercream and topped with pecans. This cake is simply irresistible, and will be love at first slice!

Devil’s Moist Chocolate Cake
Think chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, this cake is not for the faint hearted! Three layers of rich, moist chocolate sponge sandwiched between dark chocolate icing, topped with a dark chocolate ganache and chocolate waves. Seriously sinful but oh-so-good!

Raspberry Bakewell Cake*
Our latest development and by far our favourite to date, we use only the biggest organic English raspberries we can find and hand-ground almonds to make up this single layer, but undoubtably delicious, cake. A light almond-based sponge with plump raspberries, with toasted flaked almonds and a dusting of icing sugar on top. Perfection for any day of the week.

Sticky Gingerbread
Dark molasses and sticky golden treacle make sure this cake stays super moist and flavourful for days after it’s made, and actually improves in flavour the longer it’s left! With a strong ginger flavour in every bite, we love our gingerbread served just as it is. Alternatively, lightly toast a slice and spread with salted butter or a slice of mild cheddar for an easy snack.

Luscious Red Velvet
A classic North American pastime, we make our red velvet cake as close to the original recipe as possible. The natural red anthocyanin in our raw cocoa is brought out using a homemade buttermilk and acidic vinegar mix, while our homemade beetroot puree enhances the rich chocolate flavour. Perfect with Bourbon vanilla buttercream or cream cheese icing.

Cherry and Almond Cake with Lemon Icing*
Hand-ground almonds and sweet cherries flavour this colourful cake, while a pale lemon icing, glacé cherries and toasted flaked almonds decorate the golden top. Succulent, delicate and a total show stopper, we love the combination of flavours that seem to bounce compliments off each other.

Australian Spiced Apple and Raisin
Inspired by our Aussie friends, the idea behind this single layer cake came from only using ingredients that would have been available to the original pioneers travelling across the arid landscape. Stewed apples, succulent raisins and a hint of cocoa and spices make this fantastic flavour combination that you simply have to try to believe.

Chocolate Brownie Cake
Essentially just a giant chocolate brownie! With an oh-so-sticky centre and crispy outer shell, this not only keeps exceptionally well but is sure to tempt even the strictest of chocolate foes. We use a dark raw cocoa instead of block chocolate to make our brownies and brownie cake, ensuring a rich and fully rounded flavour with no added sugar.

Sticky Date and Dark Chocolate*
A moist, chocolate based loaf-style cake with a rich toffee aroma. We use jumbo, sticky dates to naturally sweeten, replacing all but a few tablespoons of raw cane sugar in the whole mixture! Finally, chopped Brazil nuts are scattered through adding a slight crunch to the texture, with a few more sprinkled on top for good measure.
Nuts optional, but highly recommended!

Spiced Apple and Cinnamon
This is a moist cake with notes of cinnamon and aromatic spices throughout, mixed with chunky Bourbon Vanilla infused apple. A light caramel flavour comes through from the dark cane sugar, making it a perfect pairing for morning coffee breaks.

Courgette Loaf
An impressively moist cake with a crunchy crust top, full of grated courgette and a secret blend of spices. Not quite savoury but not entirely sweet, this is a great way to get some vegetable goodness into fussy children who won’t taste the courgette. Try a slice with a little salted butter for an afternoon snack, delicious!

Speckled Courgette Loaf*
Similar to our regular Courgette Loaf, but with the addition of handfuls of plump, juicy raisins and crushed walnuts. This is moreish and moist with a subtle sweetness from the courgette and dried fruit.
Nuts are optional, but recommended!

Lemon and Courgette Loaf
Zesty lemon icing atop a delicate courgette loaf make a perfect pairing in this moist, golden cake with flakes of finely grated lemon and courgette throughout. A real stunner and something you will be dreaming about for weeks on end!

Pecan, Maple and Whiskey*
A slightly naughtier and more mature version of our ever-popular Canadian Maple and Pecan Cake, with a little added whiskey to bring out the deep, undertone flavours. A little bit naughty, but more than a little bit nice!


Banana Breads: 

Our moist, golden Banana Breads are made in loaf form, but we can do these as circular, square or rectangular cakes if you’d prefer. Just let us know what shape and size you want when you order, and we’ll crack open our big baking box of tins until we find just the right fit for you.

Simply Banana
Pure and simple, this is banana bread at it’s best. Naturally sweetened with fairtrade bananas, our lusciously light and moist banana breads are baked to golden perfection. No messing around, just natural fruity goodness.

Golden Banana and Honey
Our reduced-sugar banana breads just got even better. By cutting out almost all of the sugar and replacing it with natural sweetness from English honey and fairtrade bananas, we create a slightly more delicate favour that is sure to satisfy at every bite. Try this toasted in the morning for a healthy and delicious breakfast, or pack a slice in lunch boxes for an extra-sepcial lunchtime treat!

Banana, Walnut and Chocolate*
Naturally sweetened with fairtrade bananas, chunky walnut pieces and dark chocolate freckles scattered throughout, this is true home comfort cake at it’s best. Ideal for afternoon treats or school lunch snacks, this is one slice of cake you don’t want to miss out on.

Chunky Chocolate and Pecan Banana Bread*
One of our all-time favourite flavour combinations, we add hand chopped pecans and dark chocolate chunks into the mixture, then bake until golden brown. A slightly more mature flavour that you simply mustn’t miss, which goes down particularly well in the morning with a strong coffee alongside.

Tropical Banana with Coconut and Lime
Inspired by the exotic flavours of the tropics, this banana bread is delicately sweet with a hint of raw coconut, Bourbon vanilla and zingy lime. Sprinkled with toasted coconut pieces and lime shavings, we can’t think of a better way to spend the lazy summer evenings that with a slice of this irresistible cake and a refreshing cocktail.

Caribbean Banana and Rum
Our ‘adults-only’ Caribbean banana bread is made with the darkest of brown sugar and fed with smooth Mount Gay rum the moment it is taken from the oven. Each slice has a rich, rum-filled flavour that even Jack Sparrow would approve of! Absolutely delicious, ideal for mid-morning snacks with coffee or as an evening treat.

Cheeky-Monkey Chocolate and Banana
The same as our Chunky Chocolate and Pecan Banana Bread, minus the pecans! Comforting and moreish, children and adults love this alike.

Cinnamon Toasted Banana Nut Bread*
Raw, toasted almonds coated in a crunchy cinnamon crust add extra protein to this already delicious, yet slightly alternative, banana bread. With a generous sprinkling of spices and fairtrade bananas for natural goodness and sweetness, our cinnamon toasted banana nut bread is totally irresistible and different to anything you’ll find anywhere else.

*This product contains nuts, and is not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

If you are ordering a cake where nuts are optional and you would not like them included, please let me know when ordering otherwise they will be added as per our recipes.