Sponge Cakes


Victoria Sponge
A wonderfully light vanilla sponge, you can’t get any more traditional than this. Made with Madagascan vanilla beans and filled with real strawberry jam and our smooth buttercream, then dusted with icing sugar for that perfect finish. Enjoy a slice with friends over a cup of Earl Grey and think of England!

Chocolate Fudge
For the chocoholics among us, our luscious Chocolate Fudge cake really hits the spot. Filled with warm apricot jam and topped and filled with a rich chocolate ganache, we at The Country Kitchen are yet to meet someone who says one slice of this is ever enough! This cake is utterly divine, so why hold back?

Hokey Pokey
A New Zealand inspired coffee cake, filled with chunky walnut pieces and a walnut and coffee buttercream, then garnished with walnut praline. Who says coffee had to be served in a cup?

Espresso Coffee Cake
A shot of espresso is added to our sponge mix and given a good mix, before being baked and finished off with our espresso coffee icing and a sprinkling of chocolate coated coffee beans. Sophisticated and elegant, you don’t want to turn up to a morning coffee catch up without one!

Lemon Drizzle
A light golden sponge with a zesty lemon flavour and a lemon-sugar crust, made with fresh lemons for a refreshing mid-morning treat. Just don’t forget to eat up all those topping pieces, yum!

Orange Drizzle
A citrus-sugar coated sponge flavoured with freshly squeezed orange juice, and garnished with strips of orange zest.

‘Mahogany and Snow’ Marble Cake
Rich Dark Chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla all swirled up together to create a lavish affair between our all-time favourites. Why choose between the two when you can have both?

A decadent dark chocolate and vanilla chequer-board cake, sandwiched together and coated with our rich chocolate ganache. A super fun cake perfect for birthday parties, or just as something a little more exciting.

Wimbledon Cake
Perfect for a summer afternoon lazing on the lawn, this Strawberry infused sponge is filled with fresh strawberries and cream. Enjoy with a glass of Champagne for the true taste of Wimbledon, no matter where you are.
Best during the strawberry season (April – September).

Neapolitan Layer Cake
A marbled layer cake of Madagascan Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Sweet Strawberry, with real strawberry jam in between the layers and a dusting of icing sugar on top. Why not add a covering of our homemade chocolate ganache for a more lavish occasion, and surprise everyone when you slice into it?

A delicately flavoured and beautifully moist cake, we dress our Madeira’s with fresh lemon peel and a sprinkling of sugar nibs. Traditionally served with a glass of Madeira wine, this dense cake also makes a delicious dessert served with hot custard.


*This product contains nuts, and is not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.