Experience the same fantastic flavour that you find in our signature cakes, just in bite size portions. The Country Kitchen’s dainty cupcakes are a great alternative to a centrepiece cake, and are perfect for Birthday parties, as individual gifts or a little treat just for yourself…

Just like all our other products, we make our cupcakes with a reduced sugar and fat content, using only fresh and natural ingredients to bring out their fantastic flavours. So no need to feel guilty at any stage, just pure indulgence and satisfaction!

We currently have two Menu’s available – Essential and Luxury – both of which include a huge variety of flavours to choose from, and most of our cupcakes can be made Gluten or Dairy Free, as well as Vegan for some products.

All cupcakes come in boxes of 12 unless otherwise requested, with a minimum order of 6 per flavour for mixed-cupcake orders due to the ingredients needed. However, we are always open to discuss your own personal needs regarding flavours and quantities, so please contact us should you have any questions or special requirements.


Essential Cupcakes

Light textured and elegant, our classic cupcakes come in a wide range of flavours and are perfect for any kind of event or simply as a treat for yourself.

Luxury Cupcakes

Sophisticated and truly exceptional flavours, these hand crafted luxury cupcakes are perfect for celebrations and are sure to impress no matter what the occasion.