Essential Cupcakes

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Bourbon Vanilla
Classic vanilla cupcakes flavoured with real Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, topped with a delicate Vanilla Buttercream.

Double Chocolate
Rich chocolate cupcakes made with Fairtrade Dark Chocolate and Raw Cocoa, topped with thick chocolate frosting swirls.

Inspired by one of our favourite chocolate bars, we decided to recreate the Aero in cupcake form! These American Peppermint and Raw Cocoa cupcakes are topped with a smooth mint buttercream and a scattering of Dark Chocolate Chips.

Sensational Strawberry
Homemade strawberry purée and Bourbon Vanilla cupcakes with a light Bourbon Vanilla buttercream and crystallised strawberry pieces.

Caramel Cream
Delicate caramel tones complemented with a creamy Caramel and Bourbon Vanilla Buttercream swirl, decorated with shaved dark chocolate.

Luscious Lemon
Real lemons flavour these refreshing cupcakes, hand decorated with crystallised lemon peel and a light lemon icing.

Beautiful Butterfly
Bourbon Vanilla cupcakes with a buttercream centre and handmade butterfly cake wings, finished off with a dusting of icing sugar.

Lime Tingle
Zingy and refreshing, we use fresh limes to flavour these mature cupcakes before decorating with handmade crystallised lime peel and delicate lime icing.