Muffins are a delight in every way – they’re filling, nutritious, easy to handle, and not to mention incredibly delicious! We make our muffins with the same care and attention as every other product we make, using only low fat and low sugar recipes which we have developed especially for your benefit – meaning the only muffin top you’ll find is in your delivery box!

We make our muffins in all sorts of flavours ranging from Luxury Triple Chocolate for the indulgers among us, to Mixed Fruit or our protein-packed Breakfast Muffins for those looking for something healthier. If there is anything we don’t currently have on our menu, please let us know and we will rustle up a batch just for you!

Our muffins come in boxes of 6 unless otherwise requested, with a minimum order of 6 per flavour. But don’t worry if this doesn’t suit your individual needs, we are always happy to discuss your own personal requirement regarding flavours and quantities. Please contact us should you have any questions or special requirements, such as dairy or gluten free.

♥  MENU  ♥

Luxury Triple Chocolate
A real indulgence, we pack our muffins full of raw cocoa, molten fairtrade dark chocolate, hand-chopped chunks of fairtrade dark and white chocolate, before topping off with more chocolate chunks. Butter-free with an irresistible gooey centre, these are sure to make every chocoholic out there drool with delight!

Blueberry Burst
Bursting with fresh organic blueberries and Bourbon vanilla with a hint of cinnamon, we feel like we’re sitting in a bakery in down-town New York while eating these. Delicately sweet and full of antioxidants from the berries, we simply can’t put these down!

White Chocolate and Raspberry
Chunks of hand-chopped Fairtrade white chocolate with organic British raspberries dotted throughout, topped off with a raspberry swirl and pieces of white chocolate.

Chocolate Chip
Indulgent chocolate muffin with raw cocoa and dark chocolate chips. Nothing too extravagant, but an absolute must for pretty much any occasion! After all, who doesn’t like chocolate…

Breakfast Muffins
Start the day off right with our delicious breakfast muffins! Packed full of toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, jumbo oats and blueberries, with a hint of Bourbon vanilla and cinnamon. We make these much heather and pack in as many nutrients as we can by replacing the butter with a mixture of natural yogurt, puréed bananas and apples, and English honey to sweeten, making these muffins sugar-free too. You won’t find these anywhere else, so start the day off right with a not-at-all-naughty treat.

Strawberry and Raspberry
Moist and fruity with ruby red swirls, we use only the best organic strawberries and raspberries we can find for our muffins. These are colourful and an absolute delight in every bite.

Mixed Berry
Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries flavour these fruity muffins, making them ideal for lunchtime treats or good-morning breakfasts. Naturally moist and colourful with a subtle sweetness, we cut back on the sugar content even more so you can taste the berries full flavour.

Forest Fruit Compote
We go out and hand-pick the best blackberries we can find, making them into little works of joy in muffin form. Delicately sweet with a home-made fruit compote centre, topped with more fruit, it’s unbelievably how many berries we fit into these!
Available during foraging season only! (September – November)

Raspberry and Almond*
Chunky raw and hand-ground almonds with plump British raspberries and Bourbon vanilla, topped with toasted flaked almonds and even more raspberries. These golden muffins are bursting with flavour and natural protein and nutrients, making them ideal for breakfast or afternoon snacks.

Blueberry and Chocolate Chip
Plump organic blueberries and dark chocolate chips scattered through the muffin batter make for one tasty muffin! An perfect partner with a mid-morning coffee, you may find you want to eat these for lunch and dinner too…

Cranberry and White Chocolate Chunk
Sweet and colourful, fairtrade white chocolate and organic sweet cranberries go perfectly together to make a subtly and naturally sweet muffin. Ideal for picnics on long, summer days, or just as a little treat when you want it.

Raspberry and Pistachio*
Vibrant and simply bursting with flavour, this is probably our favourite ingredient combination to date. Organic English raspberries are scattered through the mixture, as well as hand shelled and chopped pistachios, combined with delicate Bourbon vanilla. Topped with a pistachio crust and raspberry heads peeping through, these pretty muffins are perfect for breakfasts, lunches and snacks alike.

Raspberry and Coconut with Bourbon Vanilla
Inspired by the tropics with a touch of the English countryside rippling through in the form of plump, organic raspberries and toasted raw coconut. We love the combination of flavours packed into this tasty muffin, so just had to put it in our menu! With a hint of Bourbon vanilla to bring out the toasted coconut flakes rich aroma, you have to try them to believe just how delicious they are.

* Contains nuts and are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers. 

Nuts are optional in all products. Please specify when ordering if you do not want them to be included.