The Biscuit Tin

Crunchy, soft, rich, delicate – however you like your biscuits, The County Kitchen has a batch waiting for you to devour at any time of day. Want chewy chocolate chip cookies for the kids, traditional shortbread with you cuppa, or something a little more special for a loved one? Not a problem. Just remember, no biscuit likes living in a biscuit tin (if you can resist them long enough to put them in there that is!), so eat them fresh from our oven for a proper treat.


Chocolate Chip Cookies*
A cookie jar favourite made with locally sourced dark chocolate chips, soft-baked to create a soft, chewy and tender cookie.

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies*
The same as our delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie, only much, much bigger!

Ginger Biscuits 
Gorgeous golden biscuits flavoured with ginger, ground spices and a hint of golden syrup. Wonderful with a cup of tea and a good book!

Peanut Butter Cookies*
Inspired by our American friends across the pond, these soft and moorish peanut butter cookies are ideal for children’s lunch boxes or afternoon snacks. Enjoy them with a glass of milk for a seriously yummy treat.

Rainbow Cookies 
These colourful cookies are soft-baked to create a chewy centre with a slightly crisp exterior, and are incredibly addictive! Flavoured with Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla and scattered with Smarties, these are the kind of cookies that are guaranteed to satisfy both your taste buds and your eyes!

Shortbread Shorties 
England or Scotland? We don’t know who came up with the recipe first, but one thing we do know is that shortbread needs to be appreciated. Our shortbread is creamy gold, oh-so-slightly crumbly and exactly like Nana used to make it. No fussy flavours or shapes, just simple home-cooked goodness.

These famous Austrian horseshoe shaped biscuits are a unique combination of Bourbon vanilla and fragrant almonds, lightly coated with vanilla sugar. We make their unique shape by delicately rolling the dough between our palms, applying precise pressure when needed, meaning no two Vanillekipferl are ever the same – real homemade biscuits that adult and children alike simply won’t be able to resist!

* Contains nuts and are not suitable to people suffering with nut allergies.