Yummy Brownies

Rich, gooey, and absolutely irresistible, our Brownies come in a huge variety of flavours and, just like our cakes, can be made Gluten Free upon request. We make our Brownies with raw cocoa instead of block chocolate like most bakers, which means we remove those nasty chemicals and preservatives as well as cutting back on a whole lot of sugar. We are always experimenting with new ideas and flavours, so why stick to traditional when you can have original?

♥  MENU  ♥

Classic Chocolate 
You can’t get any more original than this! A beautifully rich and fudgy brownie, which would make even the most chocolaty of chocoholic’s drool. (GF)

Hazelnut Crunch*
Hand cut toasted hazelnuts are scattered through our original chocolate brownie, with extra whole ones sprinkled on top for good measure. (GF)

Flaked almonds are added to the mix just before baking, and whole toasted almonds decorated on top. Try it hot with vanilla ice cream and a glass of Amaretto (adults only please!) – amazing! (GF)

Pure peppermint extract and after dinner mints spread through the mixture, for a blast of minty freshness. (GF)

Cheeky Money*
Banana and Peanuts, all mixed up and covered with finely crushed banana chips and peanuts. (GF)

The White Queen of our brownie menu. These are the only brownies we make that actually contain chocolate, and have a snow white centre flecked with dark chocolate pieces, and a soft, luxurious texture. (GF)

White Chocolate and Cranberry
Organic, dried cranberries speckle these beautiful blondies like rubies, adding a delicate sweetness and incredible flavour. Cranberries and white chocolate were made to go together, so why not enjoy them in a blondie?

Walnut Wonder*
Ahh walnuts and chocolate. Need we say more? (GF)

Spiced Ginger
Pieces of real ginger, ginger snaps and a blend of cinnamon and nutmeg give this brownie a wonderfully grown up appeal. Go on, add a little spice to your life!

A sprinkling of roasted coffee beans and a shot of espresso is added to our scrummy classic brownie. Ideal for that morning caffeine hit. (GF)

Made with the finest of brown sugar and topped with whole pecans, these ‘chocolate-less’ brownies have a super gooey texture and are totally irresistible. I dare you not to eat the entire batch… (GF)

Peanut Butter Swirl*
Inspired by our American friends, this brownie has ripples of crunchy peanut butter flowing through it for the ultimate morning treat. (GF)

Made with real bananas and toffee, then topped off with a sprinkling of banana chips. (GF)

Jungle Jumble*
A triple-nut hit of chunky Brazils, slivered Almonds and giant Peanuts. The ultimate in nutty madness. (GF)

Toffee Teaser
Pieces of all-butter toffee, cut into chucks and spread through the brownie mixture – delicious! (GF)

Rocky Road
More than a little bit nice but not really all that naughty, this brownie follows our traditional Aussie recipe using marshmallows, crushed biscuits, French glacé cherries and coconut. Turns out it not such a rocky road out there after all!

How can a brownie possibly get any better? Chunks of milk chocolate, nougat and almonds are scattered inside and out of these luxurious brownies. A definite must for all brownie lovers. (GF)

* These brownies contain nuts and are not suitable to people suffering with nut allergies. Please note that although the upmost care and attention is given into making sure that our kitchen is kept nut free, we cannot guarantee that traces of nuts will not be present in our brownie products. 

(GF) – Indicates brownies which can be made Gluten Free.