Our Ingredients

All of our delicious products are made using as many locally sourced 

and healthy alternative ingredients as possible.

At The Country Kitchen, we believe in using only the finest ingredients we can lay our little baking hands on, and that means going out and sourcing them from our local  community and producers.

We believe that if you want to eat  local, you need to buy  local. So that’s exactly what The Country Kitchen does. We pride ourselves on bringing you delicious home-made products, all handmade using British and Fairtrade ingredients wherever we can.

So, where do our primary ingredients come from you ask?

EGGSAll of our eggs FREE RANGE and come from various members of our local community. Because eggs are a vital part of our everyday diets (as well as our delicious products!) we only use the best, complete with bright orange yolks and muddy shells! This means getting them from chooks that are free to roam all day long, before being tucked up safe & sound in cosy wooden hutches with fluffy straw beds. After all, a happy egg comes from a happy chook.

FLOURAll of our feather-light flour comes from British producers, which we buy from local suppliers in Sussex. We love being able to support our local community and its individual, family-run shops, and will always choose to buy our ingredients this way. But if for any reason we are unable to do so, then only British flour makes it into our very special country kitchen.

SUGARWhen it comes to sugar, we’re not a fan of using too much. Which is why we use only the absolute minimum to make your treats as tasty as they possible can be. In fact, all of our recipes have been carefully developed to cut back on the amount of sugar, so you can enjoy them even more! Of course we do have to use it sometimes… and when we do, only British  and Fairtrade make it into our mixing bowls.

Flour and Sugar

BUTTERHere in our country kitchen, we like to keep things as healthy as possible, without negotiating on the taste or texture of our products. To do this, we use a low-fat, vegetable-fat spread for the majority of our products, unless extensive testing of our recipes has proved pure butter really can’t be substituted.

FRUITWe buy our dried fruit from a local supplier in Sussex, who only sells what’s in season and of the best quality for each time of year. By doing this, we know all our dried fruits come from farms around the world where they have had no added chemicals  to make them grow faster or when they wouldn’t naturally. It’s all about timing really!

NUTSNuts play a big role in baking, especially in our moreish Hokey Pokey Cake and Nut Loaves. Only the best will do at The Country Kitchen, so to source these we once again turn to our trusty local suppliers in Sussex, making sure only the finest nuts make it into our products. We hand select each one, giving them a good check over, before hand chopping them and adding to our tasty mixtures, making sure you get all those lovely, nutritious chunks of nutty goodness.

For further information on where we source our ingredients, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions and queries.